Inspiration is a title of a folder that is somewhere on my computer. It took me a while to find the folder, which struck me as funny because that is really how inspiration is. Trees, art, vistas, bodies, situations, feelings, mechanical joints, rain, faces, all collect somewhere in your brain. Somewhere in a folder called Inspiration.

inspiration- humboldt-monica-coyne

Humboldt County is a land of inspiration. It is easy here to collect breath-taking images. In the trees alone there is enough to fulfill a lifetime. The beauty here can act as a catalyst, creating a reaction in feeling. I mostly make functional items for people's homes so capturing the feeling, the emotion, the meaning of beauty is the ultimate goal.


When I work with metal, moving it from a two dimensional line to a three dimensional form, the metal often creates unexpected, fascinating shapes. This is the connection between all of those images in my brain, the inspiration folder, and my work. So it is true that the more I work in my shop moving metal, the more inspired I become. Which I suppose is why I do it.

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